Best Natural Sugar For Coffee – Top 7 Picks and Reviews 2020

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Bestseller No. 1
The Sugar Lab Belgian Brown Rock Sugar – 5 Pounds - All Natural Non GMO REAL German Beet Sugar...
  • AUTHENTIC BELGIAN BROWN ROCK SUGAR: Whether you’re looking for personalized gifts for the true sugar lovers in your life or you’re looking for delicious Belgian brown rock sugar, this will sure be a hit!
  • DON’T BE FOOLED!: by the amber rock sugar as it is not "Authentic Belgian Brown Rock Sugar" which is much more tasty and sweet. This sugar is the same as sold by Teavana tea shop's before they closed.
  • DELICIOUS TASTE: For enhancing beverages such as coffee or tea. Easily dissolves in hot water. Also, perfect for Belgian ales as its completely ferment-able and will maintain the high alcohol content needed without being too sweet.
  • TEXTURE: Authentic Belgian Brown Rock Beet Sugar Crystals are a large, faceted form of sweet, crystalline sucrose, most often used as an additive to foods for texture as a garnish for added visual interest. Sweet brown sugar flavor. Translucent to brown color, due to the natural presence of molasses.
  • USES: Brown Rock Crystal Sugar is also commonly used for candy, desserts, or to any main dish.
Bestseller No. 2
Healthy Chewy & Creamy Soft Candy Variety Pack - Low Sugar, All-Natural, Gluten Free, High Protein -...
  • HEALTHY, CREAMY, DELICIOUS: Inspired by a popular chewy Asian candy but made in the USA with simple natural ingredients, 40% less sugar than your typical candy bar, and more than 10 essential vitamins (including Calcium, Iron, and Protein). A truly guilt-free indulgence that’s highly chewy, creamy, and super portable.
  • CONVENIENT TRAVEL OR OFFICE SNACK: Our individually wrapped nougats are a great pick-me-up for travel, work, school/college, workouts, hiking or backpacking, or lunch. Numa chews are low calorie and easily enjoyed by both kids and adults.
  • GREAT GIFT TREATS: Whether it’s for the holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween), a life event (birthday gifts & care packages), parties, or a simple gathering, Numa chews are an exciting, sweet treat -- sure to delight!
  • HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE TO YOUR FAVORITE CANDIES: Japanese Candy (hi chew, mikakuto tokuno, kasugai), Chinese Candy (white rabbit, haoliyuan, guava candy), Korean Candy (milkita, lotte soft malang), Retro Candy (bit o honey, abba zabba), & Others (saltwater taffy, riesen, caramel, peanut chews, payday, big hunk, milky way, torrone)
  • WOMEN OWNED AND FAMILY OPERATED: Started and run by a mother daughter duo, Numa re-imagines traditional Asian snacks for the health-conscious sweet tooth.
Bestseller No. 3
OLD TOWN White Coffee 3 in 1 Variety Pack (Classic, Natural Cane Sugar, Hazelnut)
  • Support Local Market
  • Instant 3 IN 1 white coffee
  • Authentic and Delicious
  • Fantastic Flavor
  • The Perfect Choice
Bestseller No. 4
Thunderbird Paleo and Vegan Snacks - Real Food Energy Bars - Fruit & Nut Nutrition Bars - No Added...
  • INDULGE AND ELEVATE - Thunderbird bars are that elusive sweet spot (pardon the pun) between great taste and great health. Don’t compromise on either; go ahead and indulge your palate, while elevating your health.
  • VEGAN AND PALEO BARS – Our rich tasting bars are also Paleo Certified, Gluten Free Certified, Non-GMO Project verified, Kosher, and completely Vegan.
  • ALL NATURAL, REAL FOOD BARS – Simple blends of fruits, nuts, seeds and spice that are minimally processed and as close to their natural state as possible. Our snack bars only contain wholesome ingredients that you can pronounce!
  • LESS IS MORE – Our dried fruits add all the natural sweetness needed with zero added sugar (real or artificial), agave, syrup or honey. Dairy free, soy free, and grain free make these nutritional bars easy to digest whether you are working hard or playing hard.
  • BY ATHLETES, FOR EVERYONE - Founded and crafted in Austin, TX by endurance athletes who wanted real food for pure energy but made for anyone looking for a great tasting and truly healthy alternative to “energy” bars. Our bars work great to fuel your hiking, biking, trail running, or outdoor activities.
Bestseller No. 5
Purecane Zero Calorie Sugar Substitute | Made from All Natural Sugar Cane | Diabetes-friendly |...
  • MEET THE NEW SWEET: We discovered a revolutionary way to ferment sugarcane, bringing you the purest no-calorie sweetener in the world. Purecane is a 2019 World Food Innovation Award Winner!
  • IT’S NOT MAGIC. IT’S NATURAL! Reb-M—the main ingredient in Purecane—is a sweet molecule found in nature. We’ve found a way of creating it from sugarcane—so it’s no wonder it tastes like sugar. After all, that’s exactly where it comes from.
  • EASIER FOR YOUR BODY TO PROCESS: Diabetes-friendly! Purecane contains zero calories and is non-glycemic, which makes it simple for your body to metabolize; it won’t spike blood sugar levels or cause any crashes, nor will you store it as fat.
  • SWEETER FOR YOU AND THE PLANET: Purecane is made from sustainably sourced and non-GMO sugarcane. And so is the box! But we don’t recommend eating it—trust us, it tastes just like cardboard.
  • BRING OUT THE SWEET: Enhance your favorite foods! Berries taste .berry-er! Chocolate . chocolatey-er! Iced coffee .coffee-er! In a Purecane world, everything tastes like itself, just sweeter, and better .er (you get the picture).
Bestseller No. 6
Tea Forte Amber Rock Sugar for Tea and Coffee, Pure Cane Sugar Crystals, 1 Pound Bag
350 Reviews
Tea Forte Amber Rock Sugar for Tea and Coffee, Pure Cane Sugar Crystals, 1 Pound Bag
  • ROCK SUGAR FOR TEA is a natural sweetener that dissolves quickly in tea or coffee and adds the perfect touch of sweet without overpowering or changing the flavor profile
  • PURE CANE SUGAR is further refined by re-crystallization to produce the purest form of sugar available, with all impurities excluded as the large sugar crystals form
  • NATURAL ROCK SUGAR CRYSTALS have a translucent amber to brown color and are also great for baking, candy, dessert decor and cooking
  • SPOON A FEW rocks of sugar into your coffee or favorite tea as it steeps, stir well to fully dissolve and enjoy!
  • RESEALABLE BAG made from rice paper for storage and freshness, now available in 1 pound and 2 pound bulk bags
Bestseller No. 7
Z SWEET All Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener – Granulated 24 Oz. Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, No Glycemic...
  • HOW SWEET IT IS — Sugar substitutes are household staples around the world, but most of these are packed with toxic chemicals that can cause long-term health consequences. However, Zsweet is created with no artificial ingredients, so you get to indulge, naturally
  • SACRIFICE AND GUILT-FREE – Just because you watch what you eat, doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself! Zsweet is the no net-carbs, no calories sweetener that lets you feed your sweet tooth without the guilt and remorse. And since Zsweet tastes like sugar, you never have to worry about those bitter, overly-sweet aftertastes that accompany most sugar alternatives.
  • THE SWEET LIFE – Everyone enjoys a sweet treat now and then, but for individuals with medical and dietary restrictions, sugar can be dangerous. Luckily, Zsweet’s zero-calorie, 100% natural, sugar alternative has no glycemic impact, so even those who have eliminated sugar from their diets can enjoy the sweet life.
  • JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE IT – From powdered sweetener to granulated crystals, Zsweet comes in a variety of forms! So whether you’re cooking, baking, or want to sweeten your coffee on the go with our travel-friendly packets, Zsweet is the true sugar substitute that you won’t be able to get enough of.
  • A SWEET DEAL – Zsweet is a longtime leader in the alternative sweetener market, so you can shop confidently knowing that you’re getting premium, great tasting sweetener. But for added peace of mind, we guarantee to refund your entire purchase if it’s not love at first bite (or sip)!