Best Automatic Fish Feeder For Pellets – Top 7 Picks and Reviews 2020

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Bestseller No. 1
Auto Fish Feeder, Moisture-Proof Electric Auto Fish Feeder,Aquarium Tank Timer Feeder Vacation...
110 Reviews
Auto Fish Feeder, Moisture-Proof Electric Auto Fish Feeder,Aquarium Tank Timer Feeder Vacation...
  • Programmable: The AquaBlue’s timer allows you to set up to four automatic feedings per day. You can program it to feed at any hour of the day or night and have it deliver either a single or double or triple feeding. At the same time, you can also feed manually and experience the fun of feeding.
  • Two Different Fixed Methods: The feeder has 2 install methods for you to choose. One is to fix the feeder to the tank wall by using the holder. Another is to paste the feeder with double-side sticker on the tank cover.
  • Moisture Prevents Design:moisture-resistant hopper keeps fish food dry, won’t get wet or jammed.It accommodates most types of food, including flakes, pellets or crumbles.
  • Easily Add Food: Adding the fish food at the top of the fish feeder, not to take down the food bucket, so you can increase or decrease easily the amount of dispensed food. Because of the 360°rotation of the pedestal of digital fish feeder, you can rotate it to the satisfying position after it is installed.
  • Large Food Capacity: With a capacity of 200ml, its large size holds enough food to keep your fish fat while you’re away. Hatch style feed door is completely adjustable, allowing you to decide how much food is dispensed at each meal.
Bestseller No. 2
MOOBONA Automatic Fish Feeder, Moisture-Proof Electric Auto Fish Food Feeder Timer Dispenser for...
  • Large Capacity & moistureproof – the volume of the bucket reaches to 6.7ounce/200m and is suitable for a variety type of fish food such as pellets, granules, flakes and strips and keep the food dry, will not get wet or jammed.
  • Long work time -- powered by two AA batteries (Included) and can be used for months, no worry about feeding the fish in the aquarium or fish tank on weekends or holidays when you’re away.
  • Instant Feeding Button -- instant feeding is able to be achieved by pressing a “Manual” button to experience the fun of instant feeding, feed your fish at any time.
  • Customized Feeding Schedule – 4 feedings time period setting with 3 levels bucket rotation circle for each feeding time to control the feeding amount or set fixed feeding time that rotates the bucket once for each 8 or 12 hours by long press “▲” or “▼” button for 5 seconds.
  • Two Fixing Methods -- Fix it on the fish tank glass wall by 360° adjustable clamp base suitable for 0-33mm/1.3inch wide tank wall or fix it on the flat surface of tank by using double-side sticker.
Bestseller No. 3
Lychee Aquarium Fish Feeder Vacation Aquarium Automatic Fish Food Dispenser Tank Feeder Timer Auto...
254 Reviews
Lychee Aquarium Fish Feeder Vacation Aquarium Automatic Fish Food Dispenser Tank Feeder Timer Auto...
  • ✅Automatic Fish feeder:This timed fish feeder can feed fish automatically by simply setting. Never need worry the feeding problems when vacation or on business. You can set up the fish food amount, feed times, when to feed the fish, manual or automatic.
  • ✅Up to 2 times Per Day: Adjust the slider to setup the food amount. Up to 2 feeding times per day & 1 rotation per time. Switch to the manual mode if you want. Follow the manual to set modes easily. Flexible and convenient.
  • ✅Food style choose:This item can be only used for the dry food. Very Suitable for pellets, granular, strip and flake fish feeder. Please put this item above the tank higher to avoid the food getting damp. Then fix the tank lid well and only leave a hole. Put some aquatic weed to the hole and let the food drops to this hole, the fish will come to eat the food.
  • ✅Easy to install: Two ways to install the feeder to the tank. 1.Clip on the tank wall by rotating the screw. 2.Affix the feeder with double-side sticker (included) on the fish tank cover. Choose proper way per your needs.
  • ✅Battery operated&Easy Clean: Powered by 2 AA batteries(not included).When you clean the food tank,Just remove it, thoroughly rinse with warm water and clean the drum. Make sure drum is completely dry before adding food.
Bestseller No. 4
Aquarium Everyday Fish Feeder with Automatic Mode and Manual Mode
  • ★ Automatic Timer Feeding:This automatic fish feeder has 2 different timer setting modes,12h/24h, Also there is manual feeding option, pressing manual feeding would not change automatic feeding mode. It makes one instant rotation feeding each time, no need worry overfeed. This fish food vacation feeder feeds turtle, gold Fish, Small pet, Small Animal.
  • ★ Different type of fish foods: The fish automatic feeder is equipped with adjustable slide on the fish food dispenser box to adjust fish food output. It accommodates most types of food, including pellets, power and crumbles. Suggest not feed large piece flake food, it may lead to jam; Moisture-resistant hopper keeps fish food dry, won’t get wet or jammed.
  • ★ Fit Different Size Aquarium Tanks: The pond fish feeder for aquariums can fit both small tank and large tank, it has 3 installations, even the tank has cover, our automatic fish feeder has additional base funnel to feed. this fish vacation feeder has two size fish food feeding box( 3.6 oz and 1.8 oz) . Choose the right fish feeder betta box according to needs. To fill 3/4 tube food would be better.
  • ★ battery power supply: MODEL: AK-01S(regular) 2*AA battery(NOT included). MODEL: AK-02(advanced) 2*AA battery(NOT included) or 5ft USB power cord.
  • ★ 12 Month Warranty and 24 Hour Professional After-sales Service.
Bestseller No. 5
Penn-Plax Daily Double II Battery-Operated Automatic Fish Feeder
  • Daily Double II automatic fish feeder
  • Dispenses flake or pellet food twice a day for up to 4 weeks-unattended
  • Large capacity food drum with adjustable setting
  • Free-standing or clamps onto any tank
  • Battery operated
Bestseller No. 6
Hydor Automatic Fish Feeder - Battery Powered, with Air Connection - Original EkoMixo
  • Suitable for marine, tropical aquariums & terrariums
  • Easy setting for up to 3 feedings a day
  • Works with flake, pellet, and tablet food
  • Can connect any aerator to keep food always dry and crisp
  • Easy to use LED light programming
Bestseller No. 7
Automatic Fish Feeder Fish Turtle Feeder for Aquarium Fish Tank Vacation Weekend Fish Food Dispenser...
48 Reviews
Automatic Fish Feeder Fish Turtle Feeder for Aquarium Fish Tank Vacation Weekend Fish Food Dispenser...
  • ★Adaptable and useful, this Automatic Fish Feeder works with an array of food types such as flake or ball feed for both freshwater or marine fish;The size of automatic fish feeder is about 20*8.5*8 cm(about 7.8 *3.3*3.1 inch)
  • ★Whether your fish needs to be feed a small amount twice a day or a larger amount of food only once a day, the microcomputer in the Automatic Fish Feeder makes it easy to customize a feeding schedule (up to 4 times per day). You don’t need to remember to feed them now. The feeder will take care of it for you
  • ★Save in energy by utilizing a battery operated automatic fish feeder as opposed to a traditional plug-in option that uses up electricity. Please note that this package does not include a battery
  • ★ The Microcomputer Automatic Fish Feeder takes only minutes to set up. Fill it with food and attach to your aquarium using a universal installation clamp
  • ★The highly readable LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen on the Automatic Fish Feeder distinctly displays the time making it easy to set feeding timers